Mutilayer PCB

Akeson is a professional manufactures of Mutilayer PCB. There may be a lot of Mutilayer PCB manufacturers out there, but not all Mutilayer PCB manufacturers are alike.Our professional expertise in manufacturing Mutilayer PCB has been honed over the past 10+ years.

Why is multilayer PCB needed?

By incorporating multiple layers in a single PCB, boards can increase functionality. Manufacturing processes for multilayer boards result in high-quality, reliable end products. Multilayer boards by their innate electrical properties provide high capacity and high speed in a smaller footprint.

What is a multilayer PCB made of?

To produce a multi-layer PCB, alternating layers of epoxy-infused fiberglass sheet called prepreg and conductive core materials are laminated together under high temperature and pressure using a hydraulic press. The pressure and heat causes the prepreg to melt and join the layers together.

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Akeson is one of the advanced Mutilayer PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to customized Mutilayer PCB from our factory.