About Us

Akeson Circuit Co.,LTD   PCB facotry  established in 2009 professional manufacturers printed circuit board. Our factory area 10000 square meters, and have 500 employees Akeson are widely used in many fields such as telecommunications, power supply, digital security, optoelectronics, industrial control, medical and health care, automotive, consumer electronics and so on. Akeson is specializing in the production of multi-layer PCB (1-30layer printed circuit board),high-level HDI(high density inter-connector), arbitrary-layer PCB and rigid-flexible PCB,with monthlyducti proon capacity of 20000sq.m . Our products are widely used in various areas including communications networks, automotive,industrial, medical, multimedia, POS & payment solutions, Lingting&LED display and clean technology sectors etc, are exported to developed countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.  Factory   has  passed ISO9001  quality assurance and ROHS certification and IATF16949  quality certifications.

Our production: 

Rigide PCB (1-30layers,include BT board, Al base merterial,Power board,LED production)

HDI Prototype(1+n+1,2+n+2,3+n+3)

Flexible board (1-8layer)

Rigid-Flex board (max 6 layer)

PCB Assembly and FPC Assembly

PCB Design, PCB layout ,copy pcb and modify design

SMT Service and DIP   

As one of the few high-precision PCB suppliers in Mainland China, our team all have more than 10 years experience in PCB management, with  fully connected and automated lines with intelligent equipment , The goal of Glorypower is to deliver superior quality and one-stop service to our customers all over the world.