Our Advantage

First-class equipments, management team with more than 10 years experience.We can provide customers with high-quality printed circuit boards and professional technical support.The company is positioned on 1-30 layers of small and medium batches, prototypes and fast samples of high precision printed circuit boards.We export 60 % of our production.The R&D department can do OEM and can design lines and schematics.


1) Self-contained full surface treatment equipment to meet the needs of various industries

Self-contained full surface treatment equipment to meet the needs of various industries

A small number of surface treatment equipment in the PCB circuit board industry

The company can completely deal with Shen Jin, Shen Tin, Spray Tin, Shen Yin, OSP,

Hard gold, nickel palladium, gold finger, water gold and other related needs


2) Industry-leading process capability

Maximum number of layers 40L  Maximum thickness 6.0mm

Maximum thickness to diameter ratio 10:1  Maximum copper thickness 6oz

Maximum working plate size 610*800mm  The thinnest 4-layer board 0.33mm

Minimum mechanical hole/pad 0.15/0.40mm  Drilling accuracy +/-0.05mm

PTH aperture tolerance +/-0.05mm  minimum line width/line spacing 0.075/0.075mm

Material :FR4(High TG, Halogen Free, high frequency), CEM1, CEM3,BT,Aluminum Substrate and specially material.


3) We have PCB quick sample  team,  The sample delivery date is as follows:


Sample (Normal)

Mass (Normal)



3-5 days

7-8 days


2 days

5-8 days

8-10 days

4 Layers :

3 days

8-10 days

10-12 days

6 Layers:


10-12 days

12-14 days

8 Layers:

8 days

10-12 days

14-16 days

10 layers:

8-10 days

12-14 days


12 Layers:

10 days

14-16 days


>14 Layers:

>=10 days

>=16 days


Note : Specially Board       Regards document specific request (PCB)

4) Strict quality control system , effectively guarantee product performance

Rigorous quality control system to effectively protect product performance

Strictly in accordance with IPC standards, the quality of shipments is guaranteed to be 99%. Perform quality PDCA cycle processes to continuously improve product performance

AOI automatic optical detector inspection equipment guarantees high reliability and stability of products

5) Service system

The marketing team provides fast and quality pre-sales and after-sales services.

Integrate supply chain resources to reduce costs and provide customers with competitive prices.

Quickly respond to quote requests and provide a detailed list of quotes

(material fees, processing costs, engineering costs, etc.).

Process the PCB design data to ensure that customers can review and confirm at the first time.